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Prelims Test Series 2022 Sample

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This is only a sample of Prelims Test Series 2022 to help you understand the features. Actual test will contain 100 Questions.
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Test Series will start from Feb 27. 10 GS Tests. Unlimited Retakes allowed. (one test every Sunday till 10 tests are covered.)

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1. Deepor Beel, a Ramsar Site, is located in which state?


2. Select the largest antelope found in India.

Note- antelope and deer are different


3. Arrange the islands from N to S.

  1. Car Nicobar
  2. Great Nicobar
  3. Little Nicobar

4. Leh is situated along which river?


5. Select the correct options:

  1. Advaita – Shankaracharya
  2. Vishistadvaita – Madhavcharya
  3. Dvaita – Ramanujacharya

6. Statement 1 – Rakhigarhi, Harappan site is situated in Rajasthan.

Statement 2- It is one of the biggest Harappan sites in India.



7. Select the correct options.

  1. Gondi, langage of Gond tribe, is a Dravidian language.
  2. Their largest concentration is found in Andhra Pradesh.
  3. Sua dance song belongs to Gonds.

8. “That Election Commission of India shall conduct elections to President, Vice President etc”

Which Article of the Constitution mentions this?


9. Tribunals come under which Part of the Constitution?


10. Select the strait between Crimean peninsula and Russia?



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