Refer and Earn

Refer and Earn Programme –

Refer and promote our website products using Social media options such as Whatsapp status/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/ Linkedin / Quora / Youtube etc and earn handsome cash awards upto ₹125 per successful referral.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The above program is limited to our 3 Best Selling Products only. (Annual Membership ₹99, Prelims Test Series ₹199 and Bundle Offer ₹249)
  2. Every registered user will get a unique referral link on their My Account page. Registration on site is free. To register- click here. Participation in our Refer and Earn program is also free.
  3. Note- the referral link directs the person who clicks on link to the website home page only. It generates a cookie in the clicking user’s mobile/ laptop etc which is active till 7 days.
  4. If the clicking user deletes his/her cookie or the cookie is accidentally deleted by his/her mobile/ laptop etc or if the clicking user buys our products after 7 days, such a referral wont be captured by our automated cookie based system. Such a referral wont be regarded as a successful referral and no cash award will be awarded for such a referral.
  5. Upon successful referral ie a buyer purchasing one of the 3 products within 7 days of clicking the link and cookie not being deleted, “an automated email” containing “a Cash Coupon Code” will be sent to your email.
  6. Upon receiving such an email you need to forward the received email as it is to [email protected]
  7. We will process the cash reward within 3-4 business days of receiving your email as written in point no. 6. Payment shall be via UPI ie PayTM/ GPay etc directly to your mobile number.
  8. Cash reward = 50% of Cart Value ie ₹50 for Annual Membership product, ₹100 for Test Series product and ₹125 for Bundle (Membership + Prelims Test Series )
  9. This program is effective from 17 March 2022 and valid till 31 July 2022. This website reserves the right to end and alter this Refer and Earn program whenever it wishes. Cash Coupons acquired by you once shall be paid for even after ending the offer. Ending the offer means stopping to issue fresh cash coupons.
  10. There are no limits to the number of successful referrals you can make. You will be rewarded for each successful referral.
    Apart from your email database, a record of all coupons received by you is also stored/displayed in your My Account page till cash is paid against it. Cash coupons don’t have any expiry date as such but hopefully you will encash them within 1 month. We will send a reminder email if lot of coupons are not yet encashed. To encash a coupon follow point no 6.
  11. You can download below image and share it along with your “unique referral url” to create more impact.