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The term “Peshwa” was used for the appointed (later becoming ‘hereditary’) Prime Minister of the Maratha Empire. Originally, the Peshwas served as subordinates to the Chhatrapati (the Maratha king); later, under the Bhat family, they became the de facto leaders. During the last years of the Maratha Empire, the Peshwas themselves were reduced to titular leaders, and remained under the authority of the Maratha nobles and the British East India Company.
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List of some important Peshwas
 Balaji Vishwanath (Sixth appointed Peshwa) : He assisted the Syed Brothers in deposing the Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar in 1719.
 Baji Rao I (Seventh appointed Peshwa) : He was the most influential of the nine Peshwas. He helped conquer Central India (Malwa) and Rajputana and extended his dominions into Gujarat and Deccan. Also, attacked Delhi in 1737. Fought in over 41 battles and never lost a single battle.



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