Pegasus Spyware Issue – IAS Synopsis

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  • Malicious software – classified as spyware.
  • Developed by NSO – an Israeli firm.
  • According to reports this spyware is sold to Govt/state agencies only.
  • Designed to access devices remotely and transfer information from the device.
  • Earlier Used Spear-Phishing – Tricking into clicking a link malicious link using E-mail or Text Message.
  • Now uses Zero-click Attack – No interaction needed with the device.
  • NSO claims that it provides authorized governments with technology that helps them combat terror and crime.
  • The Pegasus spyware is classified as a weapon by Israel and any export of the technology must be approved by the government.
  • Whatsapp and its parent company Meta Platforms (earlier Facebook) has sued NSO Group under the under the US Computer Fraud and Abuse Act(CFAA)


A zero-click attack is an exploit that requires no user interaction to operate – that is to say, no key-presses or mouse clicks.




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