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A mineral is a natural substance of organic or inorganic origin, with definite chemical and physical properties.

Distribution of Minerals in India
Minerals are generally concentrated in three broad belts in India, these are :
1. The North Eastern Plateau Region
This belt covers Chhotanagpur (Jharkhand), Odisha Plateau, West Bengal and parts of Chhattisgarh. Iron ore, coal, manganese, bauxite and mica are the major minerals found in this region.
2. The South – Western Plateau Region
This region includes Karnataka, Goa and contiguous Tamil Nadu uplands, and Kerala. It is rich in ferrous metals and bauxite. It also contains high grade iron ore, manganese and limestone.
3. The North – Western Region
Mineral Resources In India

This belt extends along Aravali in Rajasthan and part of Gujarat and minerals are associated with Dharwar system of rocks. Copper, zinc have been major minerals.
Rajasthan is rich in building stones i.e. sandstone, granite, marble. Gypsum and Fuller’s earth deposits are also extensive. Dolomite and limestone provide raw materials for cement industry. Gujarat is known for its petroleum deposits.



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