AADHAR – IAS Synopsis


What is AADHAR?

  • Launched in 2010/ UIDAI established in 2009
  • 12 Digit Unique Identification Number assigned to the residents of India.
  • Issued by UIDAI where it collects biometric information and some demographic information.
  • It is not a proof of citizenship.
  • Aadhar Act, 2016 gave Aadhar a legal foundation.
  • Act allowed Aadhar to be used for welfare program delivery.
  • In 2018, SC upheld the Aadhar Act but limited it in some domains.
  • Mandatory linking of Aadhar was not required for Bank Accounts and SIM cards.
  • Section 57 was invalidated which allowed corporations to ask for Aadhar for providing some services.



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