About Us


We are a team of people based from Mumbai dedicated to making quick and effortless revision possible for UPSC candidates.

We are here to make your IAS/ UPSC Prelims and Mains journey simpler with our “500+ Quick Synopses” to aid learning and revision and also help you organise your studies better. Every synopsis has a “My Notes” section where you can add own inputs. You can also check out our Free Downloads category where 30+ Synopses are listed for free download.

Our synopses are not designed to be comprehensive but rather they contain the most fundamental skeletons of the topic only. A My Notes section is added to each synopsis to encourage the reader to delve deeper into the topic and make some notes herself/himself. Thus our synopses help in organising the entire note-making process effortlessly where you are not reading other people’s notes but own notes within a framework provided by us.

UPSC is a game of revision and our synopses will help you to revise 10-15 times before preparation and gain that extra edge over other candidates.

Besides we are also conducting a test series of 10 tests probably at lowest prices in the entire market.

Our contact email – [email protected]

Twitter handle- @iassynopsis

Content to be uploaded –

500 synopses before May 2022 end
1000 synopses before Aug 2022 end or sooner